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Carousel Unplugged
A hand-pushed wooden carousel in a village carnival, accompanied by a threesome playing traditional music, evokes a journey into the past in Martinique.
National Geographic Traveler – Sept 2009 – 298 words – travel

Pampered Wilderness
Thanks to “glamping”—glamorous camping—spending a few days in the remote wilderness doesn’t require sacrificing creature comforts at these luxurious five-star lodgings.
American Eagle Latitudes – May/June 2014 – 1050 words – lifestyle, travel

Tea Trends
The world’s oldest drink is enjoying a renaissance, enhancing chocolate, cocktails, spa scrubs and more, with star status on refined tea menus.
Destination Hyatt – 2014 – 1412 words – food, travel, lifestyle

A Taste of Beijing
Beijing weaves culinary threads from throughout the country, but indigenous traditions reflect the wheat-growing climate and the heritage of northern China.
Waldorf-Astoria Magazine – Issue 2 – 415 words – food, travel

Ice, Ice, Baby
Pure, local fruit at the peak of ripeness is frozen rock hard, then blended into dense, delectable sorbet by the dessert wizards at the Bay Area’s Scream Sorbet.
Santa Cruz Weekly – June 2009 – 531 words – food

Produce for the Poor
Volunteers help a gleaning non-profit gather and distribute tons of surplus produce in California’s Salinas Valley, salad bowl to America.
E Magazine – Jan/Febr 2010 – 323 words – sustainability

Seeing Bend in a New Light
Bend, Oregon is no longer defined by roughing it: an effervescent microbrew scene, boutique wineries, art, spas, fine dining and world-class golf lure the luxury-minded.
American Eagle Latitudes – Nov/Dec 2013 – 1107 words – lifestyle, travel, food

Beer-Loving Eugene
Proximity to America’s best hops-growing regions and pure, top quality water from the Cascade Range watershed make Eugene, Oregon a vanguard of artisan brewing.
American Eagle Latitudes – Jan/Feb 2014 – 1000 words – food, travel

Luxury Spa Experiences
Cutting-edge design, thoughtfully conceived environments, clinical-grade treatments and close attention to every luxurious detail characterize these new spas.
American Eagle Latitudes – Sept/Oct 2012 – 1058 words – lifestyle, travel

A Taste of Local Culture
Enjoy social and culinary access into local culture with a class at a regional cooking school in such destinations as Santa Fe, New York and Vancouver.
Destination Hyatt – 2011 – 1763 words – food, travel

Great Grains
Chefs love how heart-healthy heritage grains—farro, spelt, quinoa—bring nutrient-rich dimensions of flavor and texture to the table.
Destination Hyatt – 2013 – 229 words – food, health

Humble Yet Exquisite
The culinary intersection between France and the Caribbean is best savored at the excellent restaurants housed in the vibrant local markets of Martinique.
American Eagle Latitudes – Jan/Febr 2012 – 904 words – food, travel

Slimmed-Down Sandwiches
With a few modest adjustments, decadent-but-classic sandwiches like the Reuben and the Shrimp Po’ Boy can be a healthful indulgence.
Destination Hyatt – 2013 – 1224 words – food, health

Jewels of the California Coast
Santa Barbara’s glamorous historic hotels, like the Biltmore and San Ysidro Ranch, reflect the luxury of Hollywood’s golden age in the “American Riviera.”
American Eagle Latitudes – March/April 2013 – 1018 words – travel, lifestyle

Fun Fitness Destinations
Circus-style fitness classes like trapeze, trampoline, acrobatics, juggling and more cultivate physical strength, impeccable balance and hand-eye coordination for all ages.
Destination Hyatt – 2013 – 242 words – health

Monterey Migration
Thousands of migrating birds pass California’s Monterey Bay as they follow the Pacific Flyway, creating a world-class bird-watching bonanza.
American Eagle Latitudes – Jan/Feb 2013 – 412 words – travel

Museum Quality Dining
Enjoy a side-dish of art with your meal: Restaurants across the country offer visual stimulation to complement the culinary experience.
American Eagle Latitudes – July/August 2012 – 432 words – travel, culture

Railway Escapes
These four train trips on three continents promise striking scenery, luxury accommodations, and timeless sense of leisure.
Destination Hyatt – 2012 – 247 words – travel

Real Refreshment
The Virgin Islands’ bounty of exotic fruits combines with rich culinary customs from throughout the Caribbean to inspire the traditional “local drinks” of St. Croix
American Eagle Latitudes – Jan/Feb 2012 – 601 words – food, travel

A Study in Contrasts
Like Shanghai itself, Chef Bruno Bruesch’s menu at Pelham’s Restaurant, on Shanghai’s historic Bund, reflects a refined blend of global influences.
Waldorf-Astoria Magazine – Issue 2 – 359 words – food, travel

Crown of Freshness
At these rooftop-to-table restaurants, gardens and beehives are seriously local, bringing nature to the city and nurturing to the plate.
Destination Hyatt – 2012 – 1392 words – food, travel, sustainability

Relax in Monterey
The pioneering luxury spas of Monterey embody the health conscious, relaxed California lifestyle. Locavore treatments incorporate delicacies like wine and lavender.
American Eagle Latitudes – Sept/Oct 2013 – 1056 words – lifestyle, travel

Savoring Santa Fe
The rustic and refined fare of Santa Fe, New Mexico: where Native American, Spanish, Anglo and Mexican influences inform a celebrated dining scene.
American Eagle Latitudes – May/June 2012 – 473 words – food, travel

Sparkling Delights
Bottling technology helped soda pop leave the drugstore counter for a cherished place at home and work. Artisanal relics and innovative new flavors tempt the modern palate.
Destination Hyatt – 2012 – 230 words – food

An Artisan’s Eye for Ice
To ensure a truly masterful cocktail, the right ice for a drink is crucial: size, shape and quality all impact the imbibing experience.
Destination Hyatt – 2014 – 237 words – food

A Passionate Chef
While most ambitious chefs target affluent and highly visible metropolitan areas, Kelly Liken chose Vail, Colorado, where she can fly-fish with her husband every morning.
American Eagle Latitudes – Nov/Dec 2012 – 422 words – food

A Slice of Heaven
Life’s simplest, most irresistible delight — perfect bread — begins with a visit to one of these notable bakeries, where dedicated bakers master art, science, fire and time.
Destination Hyatt – 2012 – 236 words – food, travel

Crafting Steel
Germany and Japan share stellar reputations for crafting kitchen knives, each exemplifying a traditional style. Hybrid knives blend German heft and Japanese nimbleness.
Destination Hyatt – 2014 – 242 words – food, travel

Sweet Americana
Confection innovation boomed a century ago with a whimsical parade of candies. A few nostalgic regional treats remain, serving sweet memories in vintage packaging.
Destination Hyatt – 2011 – 224 words – food

Monterey Peninsula, Gem of the Coast
The scenic Monterey Peninsula draws visitors from around the globe to its dramatic landscape, rich history and vibrant artistic heritage.
American Eagle Latitudes – Jan/Feb 2013 – 312 words – travel

Organic Produce Nourishes the Hungry
Organic farmers support a gleaning non-profit which gathers and distributes tons of surplus produce in California’s Salinas Valley, salad bowl to America.
CCOF Certified Organic Magazine – Fall 2009 – 502 words – sustainability