Danes Love Ice Cream!

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At last, I begin a blog. Here I will share my experiences eating & traveling, locally and abroad. Enjoy!

In my signature photo at the top, I’m fondling a giant ice cream cone in Copenhagen in May 2006. Danes are said to eat more ice cream per capita than any other nation, and Denmark is the source of the celebrated giant freshly made waffle cone. A special treat is the so-called “Americaner” (a random name–I’m sure it got its name before my brother and I became addicted to it) which is composed of several assorted scoops of ice cream in a big waffle cone, topped with whipped cream and strawberry sauce, and crowned with a flodeball.


A flodeball is another beloved Danish delicacy: a thin wafer cookie piled high with soft marshmallow-y meringue and coated with chocolate. Exhibit B, below. My brother Ken is diving into one purchased from the confectioners counter in Magasin, the Nordstoms of Denmark. Flodeballer are also available in molded plastic clamshell 6-packs from the grocery store: a fraction of the cost and quality of the version seen below, but still beloved.

My aunt in Denmark used to have two golden retrievers, Bonnie and Olford. On the dogs’ birthdays, my grandmother would come over with a 6-pack of flodeballer and feed them to the dogs one by one. Lucky dogs! And when she’d fly to LA to visit us, she always managed to bring 6 or 12 of the treats carry-on for the poor deprived American grandchildren to enjoy. Lucky us!