_ak with grapesI live in Portland, Oregon, where I specialize in writing about food, travel and sustainability.

My travel and culinary adventures began early: I dined on steak tartare, fried codfish roe and escargot as my intrepid parents car-camped through Europe in tiny rental cars with two young kids. In college I earned an English degree from UCLA while working as a teaching assistant at a culinary store/cooking school, where I diced, stirred and cleaned up for such noted chefs and cookbook authors as Viana la Place, Hugh Carpenter, Fay Levy, Harriet Roth and Michael Roberts.

Travels in India, Nepal, Singapore, Indonesia, Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean cemented my appreciation of the intersection of food and culture, and how cuisine reflects people and places. I thrive on exploring back streets and local markets along with attractions both celebrated and obscure. Whether visiting a fois gras farm in rural France, taking a trapeze lesson in Santa Monica, or trekking on a remote island among stone-age people in Indonesia, I embrace all aspects of immersing in a culture, with a particular appetite for exploring local foods. Constantly on the lookout for the delicious, the unusual, and the culturally significant, I find camel trekking in Rajasthan and exploring quirky Portland locales equally compelling, and street food and five-star fare equally delightful.

I share my cultural and culinary impressions via my articles, essays and reviews. My writing has appeared in national and local publications including National Geographic Traveler, E Magazine, Latitudes, Destination Hyatt, and Pacific Fishing Magazine. My finest moment? Being interviewed by Liane Hansen on NPR’s Weekend Edition about my gig cooking for an archaeological dig in Martinique.